Its All About the Dirt

Its All About the Dirt

Why do some houseplants come in soil and others come in lava rock?

If you aquire plants that are grown in a mixture of lava rock, peat moss and time release fertilizer ( usually small green beads in the top portion of the mix) you can bet your green thumb that they were grown in Hawaii.

Caring for plants grown in lava rock can be challenging because your moisture meter won’t work and it hurts to stick your finger into the mix. Lava is porous and will hold moisture which it releases slowly. This means that you may not have to water as often as you think. When the top of the mixture turns light grey you can tell that the lava is drying out.  It is best to use a soil probe to check how the moisture level is towards the bottom of the pot, where most of the active roots are.

Depending on conditions in your home or office, plants in lava can really go 2 weeks between waterings.

Learn to observe your plants and you will see them droop when they need hydration….or better yet consult Botanic Effects for expert plant care!

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