Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do plants help clean the air in our building?

Yes, they most certainly do according to NASA scientists. Plants absorb
carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds from the air and give you back oxygen in return.

Do indoor plants help make the work environment a more pleasing experience.

Studies from the University of Ohio have shown that indoor plants help provide a sense of comfort and increase employee productivity.

How much do indoor plants cost?

There are many varieties and sizes of indoor plants. Some are slower growing and more durable. This will affect the overall cost of the individual plants. Whether you choose to lease or purchase your plants will also affect the cost. Call us and we will be happy to give you an estimate based on your particular interiorscape needs.

How much does indoor plant maintenance cost?

This will depend on the type and quantity of indoor landscape plants that we install and whether you purchase or lease. The frequency of service will also have an impact on the monthly fees. A typical office with under 15 plants and weekly service by our trained technicians can be as low as $125.00 per month.

Why should we have live indoor landscaping?

Indoor plants soften hard surfaces and create a sense of comfort. They clean the air and fill empty spaces with a little bit of "mother nature".

Do you guarantee your plants?

All plants installed and maintained by Botanic Effects are guaranteed based on the terms of our maintenance agreement.

Do you provide plants and floral work for special occasions and rental?

Yes. We can provide you with a temporary indoor landscape for just about any occasion.

How long will it take to get plants installed in our facility?

Our nursery and warehouse facility in Glendale keeps thousands of plants in stock at all times. We can do it quickly.

How about artificial plants?

Sometimes conditions require the use of artificial botanicals. We can provide high quality artificial plants for areas that just don't have the light to accommodate live indoor plants.

Do you provide holiday decor and specialty plants?

We do provide Holiday décor. Everything from live and artificial Christmas Trees to Holiday cactus and poinsettias.

Do tiny fairies and elves live with the indoor plants in our offices?

Yes but only good fairies and elves and only if you get your plants from Botanic Effects. We guarantee no trolls or goblins.