Common Plant Care Questions

Common Plant Care Questions

Why does a plant get yellow leaves?
It is normal to have some leaves yellow and dry up on your indoor potted plants. This processes could be likened to your skin cells that are continuously regenerating.
The leaves will never turn green again, so pull the yellow leaves off the plant. If there is excessive yellowing of leaves, there may be a watering or pest issue. Consult with your plant technician.

What are soil gnats?
These pesky soil or sometimes called fungus gnats are small flying insects often found in homes and offices. They are considered a nuisance when present in noticeable numbers but are harmless. Fungus gnats live in the top 2-3 inches of growing medium depending on the moisture levels. To minimize gnat problems allow the soil to dry thoroughly between waterings. Consult with your plant tech for more info.

When should a  plant be repotted to a larger container?
Generally Indoor plants prefer to be root bound before being transplanted to a larger container.
When roots can be seen wrapping around to the inside of the container at the soil level it is time to transplant.
Ask your plant tech for advice on how and when to transplant.  We are happy to help you with your repotting projects.

When to Water my Plant?
Us folks in the plant business are used to hearing this question from our friends, family and clients.
The correct answer is……when the plant is ready.

For 95.6% of the tropical foliage we use as house or office plants in our interior space, that plant is ready for a drink when the soil is dry and NOT cool to the touch as you stick your finger 2-3 inches into the top layer of soil medium. If it feels cool, that means that there is moisture in the soil, so wait to water your plant. Over watering often “drowns” the roots of the plant and eventually prevents the plant from thriving in your indoor world.

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