Moving Plants

Moving Plants

Protect your Plants when moving!

If you have ever transported plants  you know that the tender green foliage can be easily damaged if not handled properly.

The crew at Botanic Effects packages the entire plant, including the nursery container in what we in the industry call a “sleeve”.  A sleeve is basically a  paper or cylophane bag that is open at both ends. It tapers at one end to snuggly encircle the pot of the plant  and widens at the top to allow for the fullness of the vegetation. Sleeves can also be made out of tubular materials like webbing and fiber that stretches over the entire plant and foliage.  When plants are slipped into the sleeve they are protected and ready to be moved. Plant sleeves come in all sizes.

Speaking of moving…be aware that plants do not like to get overheated and may burn if left in your vehicle over an extended period of time in warm climates.

If you need assistance with moving plants or asisitance in aquiring “sleeves” let us know.

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