Where do houseplants come from?

Where do houseplants come from?

House plants come from the jungles, deserts and forests of the tropics and subtropics. Some varieties come from islands in the Mediterranean and others come from the diverse climates of Africa and South America.

Since the time of the Egyptians mankind has been cultivating plants for indoor use. During the Victorian era palms and aspidistras became very popular.

Today we have available a multitude of varieties and their hybrids that allow us to choose almost any shape and color we desire. They are grown commercially by large and small growers from Europe, South America and United States.

Here in Arizona most of the houseplants are imported from California, Florida and Hawaii. They are brought to Arizona by environmentally controlled trucks and distributed to retailers by several specialty wholesalers in the Phoenix area.

The owners of Botanic Effects are proud to be associated with the premier wholesale distributer of the highest quality house plants in Arizona, Creative Plants Interior Foliage Supply, Inc. Bob Knoff and Diane Hedrick are two of the three original owners of this outstanding wholesale nursery and continue to use their products to this day.

The best houseplants for your office, home, or facility come from Botanic Effects.

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