Making Your Holidays Green

Making Your Holidays Green

Don’t forget the plants this year when preparing your home for Holiday Entertaining.

A beautiful poinsettia in the traditional red, perhaps the sophisticated white, or even one of the new trendy colors will add that seasonal burst of spirit that chances your inside space.

Norfolk Island Pine, the delicate Christmas- tree-like potted plant is another great choice for a Holiday plant. Just add some small ornaments, a bow, and a decorative container to complete the look.

Over the last few years Rosemary shaped into Pine trees have become quite popular. Although it is not consider an indoor plant it will last a few weeks under the right conditions.

Aside from the aesthetic qualities of live plants, the additional benefits of living plants will help with creating a more soothing comforting environment…something we all need to get through the hectic but fun season.

Botanic Effects can make your Holidays green.

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