Ficus trees are one of the most requested Indoor plants, after all they do look like a tree and that’s what many clients envision when they wish to create a natural park-like environment inside their lobby, office, or home. Ficus trees do well inside spaces with high indirect light such as near a west or […]Continue reading

Mealy bugs! Yuck!! Mealy bugs appear on plants as small, soft bodied insects with a fuzzy white covering. They are common to indoor plants. The visible mealy bugs are the females. They may have fringes around their bodies and a small tail (or two). The male mealy bug is a tiny winged critter that’s hard […]Continue reading

The Dracaena Family makes up a large portion of the professional interiorscapers arsenal. This diverse group of botanicals number well over 40 varieties, including some of the most popular air scrubbing plants we use to “green up” our interior spaces. Dracaena Massangeana, Warneckii, Lisa, Arborea and Janet Craig are just a few of the commonly […]Continue reading

Don’t forget the plants this year when preparing your home for Holiday Entertaining. A beautiful poinsettia in the traditional red, perhaps the sophisticated white, or even one of the new trendy colors will add that seasonal burst of spirit that chances your inside space. Norfolk Island Pine, the delicate Christmas- tree-like potted plant is another […]Continue reading

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of indoor atriums. Atriums create a focal point at the entry way to homes and businesses or are sometimes the center feature of older and new construction. Botanic Effects has been busy with new and revised atrium projects during the last few months. We can renovate your […]Continue reading