Category: Benefits of Indoor Plants

Society is learning  the value of incorporating plants into man-made environments, both inside and outside for psychological and physical health. Plants advance health,  happiness , mindfulness and productivity when spread throughout interior environments. Including living plants inside a home or business. They revitalize the air, humidity and lower stress levels which is something we can […]Continue reading

House plants come from the jungles, deserts and forests of the tropics and subtropics. Some varieties come from islands in the Mediterranean and others come from the diverse climates of Africa and South America. Since the time of the Egyptians mankind has been cultivating plants for indoor use. During the Victorian era palms and aspidistras […]Continue reading

CURRENT STATISTICS SHOW THAT ONE MEDIUM PLANT PER 100 SQUARE FEET WILL PROVIDE THE MAXIMUM HEALTH BENEFIT TO YOUR CLIENTS AND EMPLOYEES. Not only do all indoor plants help to clean the air, but they can also reduce stress in the workplace and increase productivity. Natural stimuli like indoor plants have been found to increase […]Continue reading